It Makes Scents to Buy Natural Soap For Your Sensitive Skin

OK, so first off, what is a natural soap?

Most people's idea of a natural soap is one that is made with different types of oils, such as olive oil or coconut oil, or butters, such as Cocoa butter and then mixed with something called Lye.

When mixed the oils and the Lye emulsify (with a bit of a helping hand using a whisk, or more likely these days, a hand blender).  Fragrances and any other added ingredients are then added and the whole lots goes into a mold for about 24 to 48 hrs.

In the mold the soap goes through a process called Saponification, which means a chemical reaction takes place that turns all of the oil into a hardened bar of soap.  All the lye disappears and you have a lovely, fine smelling, bar of your favourite soap.

So, I hear you ask, why is this better than other, cheaper, soaps.

Well, soaps are a natural way of dealing with Dirt (to find out how, click here>) but there is also another class of products which are effective  and cheap, that do similar things.

These are referred to as Detergents.  Most shop bought and "cheap" soaps are actually made with chemicals detergents.

For those of us who either have, or who have family who have, sensitive skin, these detergents can pose a bit of a challenge.

Detergents are man made,(having been developed after World War 1 when soap ingredients were getting very scarce) but cheap to produce.

As a result, over time, detergents have become the preferred way of mass producing soap.

The challenge is that many of these man made detergents are not always helpful when it comes to sensitive skin.

In fact, many can by irritants in themselves and lead to things like Eczema.  Many detergents can irritate skin in different ways and so the best thing to do is to try and ensure that man made detergents are not part of the products you buy.

The good news is that there are plenty of alternatives.

Natural soaps, such as SoapOman's soap is made a all natural oils and NO detergents.

Any additional ingredients we add are purely included to help aid your sensitive skin, from Colloidal Oatmeal to help soothe Psoriasis and Eczema to Activated Charcoal to help with keeping Acne at bay to Manuka Honey that helps to keep dry hands hydrated.

Finally, SoapOman does not use Fragrance Oils for fragrance, SoapOman ONLY uses Essential Oils or natural ingredients for all fragrances.

Again, many fragrance oils are man made and so can irritate your skin, so this is the last thing we want to do to your skin.  We would much rather use plant based essential oils that provide a wonderful aroma and are don't irritate your sensitive skin.

In soaps designed for especially sensitive skin, we don't use any scent at all.  So our Naked oatmeal soap and our Honey and Beeswax Soap do not have any additional essentials oils because these soaps are designed for especially sensitive skin.

As a result all of SoapOman's soaps are ok for your sensitive skin and you can buy your favourite bar confident that we care for the skin you live in.

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