Our Story

Hi, I’m Matt.

I started making soap a little while ago because my wife has Psoriasis and I wanted to make some soap that she could use.

The soap she bought at the shops dried out her sensitive skin and she did not enjoy using them.

So, one day I decided that I would make some soap with all-natural oils to help her skin.

Thus SoapOman was born (although we didn’t know we were going to be called SoapOman back then)

Our first soap was our Naked Oatmeal Soap.  We made this because ground oatmeal (also called Colloidal Oatmeal) is really cool.  When it hits the water, it is known to help people who have Psoriasis or Eczema.. Studies have shown that Colloidal Oatmeal can help to calm the skin and reduce the itchiness and redness that occurs in Psoriasis and Eczema. In fact many people take Colloidal Oatmeal Baths to help their skin.

So we kept making the soap and doing our best to improve it every time and to this day our Naked Oatmeal Soap continues to be our bestselling soap to date.

Following on from our Naked Oatmeal Cleansing Bar we also created what I would come to call our soaps with a purpose!  These are cleansing bars which include ingredients which have been known to support people with sensitive skin. 

It is important to note that on their own cleansing bars (or soaps) only clean your skin, they cannot do anything else.  So we add in some other ingredients which have been shown to support people with sensitive skin.

These cleansing bars were:

Our Manuka Honey and Beeswax Cleansing Bar which we created to help support the cleansing routine of people with dry skin.

Our activated Charcoal and Tea Tree Oil Cleansing Bar which we created to help support the cleansing routine of people with acne.

It is also important to say that we only provide products that support for your daily cleansing routine and you should always check with your local doctor for any concerns about your sensitive skin.

Fast forward to 2021 and in August we are sent into what would turn out to be the longest lockdown in Auckland.

During this time I decided to make a positive out of things and to look for a manufacturing partner who could help me to develop my cleaning bars so that I could truly bring our mild, gentle yet effective cleaning bars to a wider audience.

Markets are amazing but to reach people who could benefit from our cleaning bars we needed to be selling all around New Zealand.

To do this we needed to be able to produce cleaning bars in larger numbers than I could do just on my own.

So I spent a long time talking and working with potential manufacturing partners and eventually settled on a manufacturer who produced products under "Good Manufacturing Processes" and could provide my cleaning bars using a similar technique as my handmade soap but importantly could embody the same properties as my handmade soap.

We developed our range of cleaning bars but now we call them cleansing bars because they are mild and gentle enough to use on your face, body and hands.  Many people hear soap and think it is ok for just their hands but ours were so much more than that.

Of course, how we brought the range to market was as important as what we brought to market.  Thus we have been working with super talented people to create our hero: SoapOman!

SoapOman - Picture of SoapOman

SoapOman is your typical Kiwi! A good sort who is experienced in the cleaning world.

But SoapOman would be nothing without his "Grime Fighters" his team of champions that represent each of the bars that we make and speak about their awesome properties.

Thus the Grime Fighters were born:


SoapOman - Introduction to the Grime Fighters

Of course, you don’t have to have sensitive skin to buy some, they are amazing for everybody. So why not give them a try?

So, from all of us in our family, thank you for buying our SoapOman products, we are sure you'll love them and that they will look after you and your skin.

Keep safe and please keep washing your hands.

Matt. (SoapOman)