Make up Removing Soap

Make up Removing Soap

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A Soap that helps to remove make up and leave you feel beautiful

Coconut Oil is superb at removing Make Up and so we decided to make a soap that had a high coconut oil content to help remove make up.

As with all SoapOman soaps, our soaps are still made for sensitive skin, so you can rest assured that with our all-natural oils, your skin will only get clean, nothing else.

Handcrafted in New Zealand.

Superpowers include:

  • pH neutral and so mild on your skin
  • Lathers beautifully and helps to remove make up
  • All natural oils to help cleanse the skin
  • Luxuriate in the lather created thanks to the all-natural plant oils
  • Enjoy the soothing smell of Lavender Oil
  • Good for you, good for the world we live in - 100% Vegan


At SoapOman we definitely believe that less is more.

That's why we keep our ingredients natural and to the minimum.

We only use what we have to - nothing more and nothing less.

Our Make Up Removing Soap only contains:

  • 3 x Saponified Oils (this just means it has been turned into soap)
  • Natural Essential Oil - Tea Tree

All soaps use Lye.  Lye is the ingredient that changes the Oils into a bar of soap.  Lye is made by combining Sodium Hydroxide (or Caustic Soda) in water before mixing with the oil.

The mixture is then left for up to 48hrs to allow the oil and lye to react and turn into soap.  At the end of the process, there is no lye left in the soap.

Please note: Ingredients are subject to change and customer should always check the packaging for the latest ingredient list.

For further information about any of the ingredients, please contact us at:

Why Change a Winning Formula?

We have tried many ways to make a soap that can help remove make up using our traditional recipe.  However, the mixture of the 4 oils has prevented the soap from creating a rich creamy lather to wash off the make up. 

So we went back to basics to understand how we could create a soap that could help to remove make up.  This led us back to one of our favourite oils - coconut oil.  This awesome oil is amazing at helping to remove make up and so we adjusted the formulation to be a to take make up but still create a soft and gentle soap.

  • Olive Oil - Whilst Olive Oil hydrates the skin, it is also responsible for a significant proportion of the lather effect of the soap in the 4 oil recipe, so this soap needed to have olive oil
  • Coconut oil - Coconut Oil is the magic ingredient in our soaps and allows the soap to not just hydrate but to also nourish the skin.  We are also lucky because it is one of the most lathering oils in our recipe.
  • Castor Oil - This oil has so many good things going for it.  It is wonderfully moisturising and hydrating for your skin and it also creates small bubbles perfect for lathering when washing.  It is for this reason that we include Castor oil in both our fisherman's oil and our shaving soaps.



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