• Hi, I'm Dave

    Check out my Naked Oatmeal Bar if you have Psoriasis or Eczema

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  • Hi, I'm Charlie

    Check out my Activated Charcoal Bar if you have Acne prone skin

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  • Hi, I'm Henry

    Check out my Honey & Beeswax Bar if you have Dry Skin

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  • Hi, I'm Finn

    My Peppermint Cleansing Bar is bright and colourful and smells amazing!

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  • Hi, I'm Sarah

    My Lavender Cleansing Bar is wonderfully relaxing and Calming

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  • Hi, I'm Fay

    I'm a cheeky fox and my cheeky Orange Cleansing Bar is awesome!

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Our Best Sellers

Hi, I'm SoapOman

I'm soap-o happy to introduce you to my Grime Fighters

Meet the Team >

Hi, I'm SoapOman

Hi, actually I'm Matt, the man behind SoapOman!

I started making soap because my beautiful wife Fiona has Psoriasis.

Thus, SoapOman was born and now he has his team of Grime Fighters to look after you.

Our Family Business >

Did you know we also make laundry powder?

The one thing next your skin all day is your clothes. So why not get a laundry powder that is made with your skin in mind. Ours in made with natural ingredients to look after you, your clothes and the world around us.


A dishwashing powder for tomorrow's world

At SoapOman we want to look after you and the world around us. Our all natural dishwasher powder is designed to keep your plates clean. It's tough on grease but not on the environment.

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