Charlie the Cheetah

SoapOman - Charlie the cheetah and Activated Charcoal Soap

Ever since Charlie was a young cheetah, he’d had lots of acne. People struggled to take him seriously as a hunter, and made fun of his face, even when many of the Cheetahs had acne themselves.

This wrecked Charlie's confidence, and as such he struggled to learn how to hunt. So he eventually chose to mostly stay at home and take care of the younger Cheetahs. There, Charlie ended up meeting a lot of young Cheetahs who also struggled with acne the same way he did.

Determined to protect them from the harassment he faced, he began searching for what acne was and how to help it. One day, a safari touring car came by a forest where Charlie was researching, which happened to have SoapOman in it, on a holiday in Africa.

Against the advice of the others in the tour, SoapOman went back to take a closer look, as he’d realized Charlie had acne. Due to never learning how to hunt, Charlie didn’t attack SoapOman, but instead they talked for a bit about the skin issues he’d faced his whole life, and his research.

SoapOman asked Charlie to join the grime fighters, and he agreed. That’s where he discovered Activated Charcoal, and managed to keep his pores (not paws) clean for the first time in his life. He began to accept himself and to understand his acne didn’t somehow detract from his value as a Cheetah. He now manages supporting your acne cleaning routine, and taking care of his pack.


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