Fay the Fox

SoapOman - Fay the Fox and Sweet Orange Cleansing Bar

Ever since Fay was a small fox, they were always getting into trouble. Belonging to a small pack of foxes just outside Albany, they and their brothers would dig through garbage bags, set up small fox-pranks, and the like.

Eventually, one day, an exterminator showed up to Fays pack after a slightly out-of-sorts prank they pulled. However, Fay’s brother fought fearlessly to ward the exterminator off.  However, he attacked one of the guards and it resulted in him being caught and taken away.

The rest of the Foxes ran away to safety, but Fay was quite shaken. Because, in the end, their actions were what led to their brother being taken away.

Fay tried to be more cautious from then on, but the guilt overwhelmed them. One day, Fay met Sarah the sloth during one of her talks, and booked them as a therapist of sorts. There, they worked through Fay’s guilt, and over time, they began to be more themselves.

They understood that there’s no way they could’ve known the prank would lead to what it led too, and they could still be a kind, cheeky Fox. From Sarah, they learned about the Grime Fighters, and asked to join.

With SoapOman’s help they researched cleansing bars, cleanliness, and especially the work of humans on the subject. Their kind nature and willingness to learn got them a spot representing the Sweet Orange Cleansing Bar, a scent just as cheeky and upbeat as they are.


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