Our Ingredients

SoapOman - Our Ingredients

Our four oil recipe has been developed to provide you with the most luxurious feeling soap which cleans and hydrates your skin.

There are potentially lots of different and exotic sounding ingredients which could go into our soap but we settled on the simplest ingredients because we felt that the more you complicate something, the less it does what you want it to do.

So these are the ingredients we use and why:

Olive Oil

A light, non greasy oil with significant anti oxidant properties and long lasting moisturising effects.

For more information about Olive Oil and why we use it in our soap click here >

Grapeseed Oil

A lighter oil, rich in good fatty acids and easily absorbed without clogging pores. Great for moisturising and tightening skin which can help reduce the effect of stretch marks.

For more information about Grapeseed Oil and why we use it our soap click here >

Canola Oil

An oil which produces a rich, creamy lather and contains vitamin E to nourish your skin.

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Coconut Oil

You might call the Coconut Oil the magic ingredient, producing a rich lather, hardening the soap bars and moisturising your skin.

For more information about Coconut Oil and why we use it our soap click here >

Other ingredients used in our soap:


All soaps are made with Lye but there is no Lye in the soap - eh! Say what now ?

The Lye mixes with the oils and through a reaction called "Saponification" reacts with the oil to create soap.  At the end of the reaction there is no lye left as it has all been turned into soap and glycerin!

Lye is made by mixing Sodium Hydroxide with a liquid - normally water but most liquids can be used.  For example: some of Soapomans soaps have used coconut milk.

All soaps are made with Lye - no Lye, no soap !

Water (Liquid)

Most of SoapOman's soaps use water but some can use different liquids.

If we do use something other than water, we will always list this on the ingredients list of that soap.

Liquid Soap Dye

OK, so many people read this and go, O.M.G is it going to stain?

Simply the answer is No! 

We use special liquid soap dye designed for use with soap.  It is water soluble and it does not stain or run and is perfectly safe to use and wash with.

We use the dye to create the look of our soaps.

Essential Oils

The fragrance in all of our soaps comes from natural essentials oils sourced locally in New Zealand.

Other Ingredients

In many of our soaps we also add certain ingredients hat help with the properties of that soap.  For example Activated Charcoal in our Acne Treatment Soap or Manuka Honey in our Soap for Dry Skin.  Whenever we do put additional ingredients into the soap we will explain what those ingredients are and why they are there.