SoapOman Questionnaire

Thank you so much for taking part in our little questionnaire and product trial.  SoapOman is a new New Zealand brand that is just launching and we would very much like to know what you think of our products and in particular our Naked Oatmeal Cleansing Bar.


We have developed our products with you in mind and our mission is to help people who have sensitive skin as best as we can.


We only ever say we support your normal cleansing routine, we do not make any other claims about our products and they should be used alongside your normal cleansing routine, never instead of. 
However, we do add good ingredients into our cleansing bars that have been proven to support people with sensitive skin.


The following questionnaire is specifically about our Naked Oatmeal Cleansing Bar of which more information can be found by clicking here >


The questionnaire is below.
(Please note, when you click through to the 2nd and 3rd sections, please wait a few seconds for the questionnaire to load. you may also need to scroll to the top of your screen to see it as well.)